Spectrum Control Current Transformers

Spectrum Control Current Sensors measure AC and DC electrical current as well as transform current from high to low measurable values. The 5300 series offers a current rating of 5A to 100A. The sensors are used in advanced fault-tolerant computers and workstations, telecom, communications, and more. Ideal applications for Spectrum Control Current Sensors are amp meters, watt meters, relays, and cross current compensation.


  • Measures electrical current by transforming current from high to low measurable values
  • 5A to 100A current rating
  • 50Hz to 100kHz operating frequency
  • Available totally encapsulated, with or without wound primary turns and loading resistor
  • Built to meet UL, MIL, VDE, CE specs; EMRL current transformers meet UL1244


  • Amp meters
  • Watt meters
  • Relays
  • Cross current compensation
Publicado: 2014-10-14 | Atualizado: 2023-08-10