Broadcom Surface-Mount PLCC-2 & PLCC-4 LED Indicators

Broadcom Surface-Mount PLCC-2 and PLCC-4 LED Indicators have high reliability and performance and are designed to work under a wide range of environmental conditions. This higher reliability makes these indicators suitable for use under harsh environments and conditions such as interior automotive, interior electronic signs, and signals. To facilitate easy pick-and-place assembly, the LEDs are packed in EIA-compliant tape and reel. These LEDs are compatible with reflow soldering process.


  • Stabile and consistent performance with minimum degradation
  • High reliability
  • LED package
  • High brightness using InGaN dice technologies
  • Super wide viewing angle at 120°


  • Office automation, home appliances, industrial equipment
    • Front-panel backlighting
    • Push-button backlighting
    • Display backlighting
  • Electronic signs and signals
    • Interior full-color sign
    • Variable message sign
Publicado: 2011-06-03 | Atualizado: 2022-03-11