Broadcom ASMT-Ax00 1W Power LED Light Source

Broadcom ASMT-Ax00 1W Power LED Light Source is a high performance device that features low thermal resistance (10ºC/W) and a high junction temperature of 135ºC. The exposed pad design of the Broadcom ASMT 1W Power LED enables excellent heat transfer from the package to the motherboard.

This energy efficient Broadcom LED is available in red, red orange, amber, blue, royal blue, green, cool white, neutral white, and warm white. The white power LED is available in the range of color temperature from 2700K to 10,000K. The low profile package design of the ASMT makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications, especially ones in which height is a constraint.


  • Energy efficient
  • Exposed metal slug for excellent heat transfer
  • Compatible with reflow soldering process
  • High current operation
  • Long operation life
  • Wide viewing angle at 130°
  • Silicone encapsulation
  • Non-ESD sensitive (threshold > 16kV)
  • MSL 2a products


  • Architectural lighting
  • Channel backlighting
  • Contour lighting
  • Retail Display lighting
  • Decorative lighting
  • Garden lighting

Package Dimensions (mm)

Mechanical Drawing - Broadcom ASMT-Ax00 1W Power LED Light Source
Publicado: 2009-11-19 | Atualizado: 2023-07-19