Advantech WISE-2410 LoRaWAN Wireless Sensor

Advantech WISE-2410 LoRaWAN Wireless Sensor is integrated with an ARM™ Cortex-M4 processor, LoRa transceiver, 3-axis accelerometer, and temperature sensor. These sensors balance the wireless bandwidth between WISE-2410 and gateway, it also mitigates the data transmission fail rates between edge-devices and gateways. The WISE-2410 sensor uses a star network topology and features a gateway data relay function between sensors and the application server. This wireless sensor is able to calculate more complex eigenvalues itself like VRMS, ARMS, peak, Kurtosis, crest factor, skewness, and standard deviation values. The WISE-2410 sensor operates at -20°C to 85°C USB powered temperature range. This wireless sensor functions at 20dBm transmit power and -148dB sensitivity.


  • LoRaWAN wireless connectivity
  • Built-in 3-axis accelerometer and temperature sensor
  • On-board computing
  • Support battery power supply, no wiring installation needed
  • Easy settings with user-friendly interfaces on WISE Studio utility
  • ISO 10816-3 compliant
  • IP66 enclosure design


  • 3-axis accelerometer sensor:
    • 10Hz to 1000Hz frequency range
    • 3200Hz output data rate
  • Temperature sensor:
    • 12-bit resolution
    • ±2°C accuracy
  • -20°C to 85°C operating temperature range
  • -148dB sensitivity
  • 20dBm transmit power
  • 84.7mm x 48.3mm dimensions

Mechanical Drawing

Mechanical Drawing - Advantech WISE-2410 LoRaWAN Wireless Sensor

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Advantech WISE-2410 LoRaWAN Wireless Sensor

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Infographic - Advantech WISE-2410 LoRaWAN Wireless Sensor
Publicado: 2020-04-30 | Atualizado: 2023-06-23