Vishay / BC Components MLV0805E3 SMD 0805 Multilayer Varistors

Vishay / BCcomponents MLV0805E3 SMD 0805 Multilayer Varistors (MLVs) are surface mount multilayer surge suppressors with inherent bidirectional clamping and excellent energy / volume ratio. Vishay / BCcomponents MLV0805E3 come in a size 0805 (2012M) package with NiSn terminations. These MLVs provide over-voltage and transient voltage protection in data lines and I/O port protection as well as protection against ESD transients.


  • Surface mount multilayer surge suppressor
  • Inherent bidirectional clamping
  • Excellent energy / volume ratio
  • Suitable for reflow soldering


  • Over-voltage and transient voltage protection
    • Data line and I/O port protection
    • Protection against ESD transients


  • Maximum continuous voltage
    • 5.6VDC to 38.0VDC
    • 4.0VAC to 30.0VAC
  • 15.5V to 77V maximum clamping voltage at 1A
  • 80pF to 860pF capacitance range at 1MHz
  • 30A to 100A maximum peak current
  • 0.1J to 0.3J maximum energy (10/1000μs)
  • -55°C to +125°C operating temperature range
Publicado: 2021-02-18 | Atualizado: 2022-03-11