KYOCERA AVX W2F/W3F SMD Feedthru Capacitors

KYOCERA AVX W2F/W3F SMD Feedthru Capacitors are ideal for EMI suppression, broadband I/O filtering, or VCC power line conditioning. KYOCERA AVX W2F/W3F filters feature a unique construction of a feedthrough capacitor to provide low parallel inductance and excellent decoupling capability. A large range of capacitor values is available in NP0 or X7R ceramic dielectrics.


  • 50V and 100V voltage ratings
  • 0805 and 1206 sizes (NP0/C0G, X7R dielectrics)
  • Low parallel inductance
  • Excellent decoupling capability


  • EMI suppression
  • Broadband I/O filtering
  • VCC power line conditioning
Publicado: 2019-02-14 | Atualizado: 2023-05-19