Belden Wire & Cable DataTuff® Cat 5e PROFINET 796xA Cables

Belden DataTuff® Cat 5e PROFINET 796xA Cables are multi-conductor category 5e DataTuff quad cables. These cables are 22 American Wire Gauge (AWG) symmetric quad conductors covered with Polyolefin (PO) insulation. 796xA cables have FRPE bedding, ripcord, and are marked sequentially at two-foot intervals.


  • Polyolefin insulation with 1.549 mm diameter
  • Aluminum foil - Polyester Tape type outer shield material with 100% coverage and braid type outer shield material with 85% coverage
  • FRPE inner jacket material with 4.166 mm diameter
  • Industrial grade PVC outer jacket material
  • Overall nominal diameter of 6.909mm


  • Industrial ethernet cable
  • Harsh Environments
  • Category 5e
  • ProfiNet
  • 100BaseTX
  • CMX outdoor
  • PLTC
  • Cable tray use in class 1, division 2, hazardous areas, and non-hazardous areas
Publicado: 2016-05-03 | Atualizado: 2022-03-11