Signal Transformer / Bel 14A One-4-All™ International Transformers

Signal Transformer / Bel 14A (One-4-All) PC and Chassis Mount Transformers are specifically designed to satisfy North American (UL, CSA, CE) and international (VDE, IEC, CSA, CE) transformer regulatory requirements for power isolation in Medical and Dental applications. Signal Transformer / Bel 14A ensures double isolation and low leakage current, surpassing the construction requirements for patient-connected equipment per UL 544 Standard for Medical and Dental Equipment, as well as, the IEC 601-1 Standard for Medical Electrical Equipment. The transformers are dielectric strength tested to 4000VRMS, provide a UL class F insulation system, and meet the creepage and clearance requirements for both the UL and IEC standards. The 14A series is available in nine PC mount models with 2.5VA-56VA power.


  • Over 2 standard configurations
  • UL Recognized to UL 506 / UL 5085-2
  • CSA Certified to C22.2 No. 66.1
  • VDE Certified to VDE 0805
  • Easily modified


  • Medical beds
  • C-Arm tables
  • Ultrasonic atomizers
  • Oxygen therapy equipment
  • Dental chairs
  • Veterinary tables
  • MRIs


  • 2.5VA to 56VA power
  • 4000VRMS Hipot dielectric strength
  • 115V/230V dual primaries
  • Series or parallel dual secondaries
Publicado: 2016-05-09 | Atualizado: 2022-03-11