Bel Power Solutions TCP3500 / TXP3500 / TXP4000 Power Supply Units

Bel Power Solutions TCP3500 / TXP3500 / TXP4000 Power Supply Units include a digital signal processor (DSP) that enables the monitoring of electrical parameters (including input voltage of all three phases) and controlling the PSU from a system controller. Both series feature an RS485 bus used for command, monitoring, and diagnostic information that can be supplied to a system controller. The TCP3500 series offers conduction cooling (no fan), reliability, long life, and parallel operation for up to 16 units. The TXP3500 series is fan cooled and converts the universal three-phase AC line to an adjustable, wide range output at 3.5/4kW and a 12V standby output. Up to 8 units may be operated in parallel. Applications for Bel Power Solutions TCP3500 / TXP3500 / TXP4000 power supplies include industrial, process and control, and machinery PSUs with a universal input voltage range and configurable output voltage.


  • Worldwide 3-phase input voltage range
  • High 16W/in3 power density 
  • Install up to 3 TXP or 4 TCP units in 2U 19" rack
  • Parallel operation
  • Adjustable output voltage range
  • Active current sharing


  • Industrial
  • Process and control
  • Machinery PSUs
Publicado: 2017-03-14 | Atualizado: 2022-03-11