Apex Tool Group WE 1010 Education Kit

Apex Tool Group WE 1010 Education Kit is a 1-channel soldering station with soldering iron WEP 70 and safety rest PH 70 kit. This education kit is designed to provide high efficiency and precision that is seen at the professional level. The WE 1010 kit includes soldering station WE 1010NA, PH 70 safety rest and TC205 sponge, WEP 70 soldering pencil, and ETA soldering tip. This education kit features standby mode and auto setback that conserves energy and protects the equipment. Apex Tool Group WE 1010 education kit operates from +100°C to +450°C temperature range and the soldering equipment is custom-built for academic and educational purposes.


  • Easy to handle high-performance iron 70W
  • Standby mode and auto setback conserves energy, protects equipment
  • Password-protected to preserve settings
  • Low profile, general-purpose cutter
  • 70W power range
  • 120V power supply range
  • +100°C to +450°C operating temperature range
  • Additional soldering tip with wider dimensions
  • RoHS Compliant soldering wire

Kit Contents

  • Soldering station WE 1010NA
  • WEP 70 soldering pencil
  • PH70 safety rest and TC205 sponge
  • 1.6mm ETA soldering tip
  • 2.4mm ETB soldering tip
  • Weller Xcelite 170MN shear cutter
  • 0.8mm WSW SCN M1 solder wire
Publicado: 2018-12-17 | Atualizado: 2022-08-01