Analog Devices Inc. LTC3245 Inductorless Charge Pump DC/DC Converters

Analog Devices Inc. LTC3245 Inductorless Charge Pump Converters are buck-boost DC/DC converters that generate 3.3V, 5V, or adjustable output from a 2.7V to 3V input voltage. The converter's internal circuitry selects the conversion ratio automatically to maximize efficiency as input voltage and load conditions change. To further optimize efficiency, designers can operate the converters in pin selectable burst mode. The constant-frequency architecture enables the Analog Devices Inc. LTC3245 converters to offer a lower noise output than conventional charge pump regulators. With an operating current as low at 20µA, the LTC3245 converters are well-suited for low-power, space-constrained automotive and industrial applications.


  • 2.7V to 38V VIN range
  • IQ = 18μA operating; 4μA in shutdown
  • 12V to 5V efficiency = 81%
  • Multimode operation (2:1, 1:1, 1:2) with automatic mode switching
  • Low noise, constant frequency operation
  • Pin selectable Burst Mode® operation
  • Fixed 3.3V, 5V, or Adjustable (2.5V to 5V) VOUT range
  • IOUT up to 250mA
  • Overtemperature and short-circuit protection
  • +150°C maximum operating junction temperature
  • Thermally enhanced 12-pin MSOP and low profile
  • 12-pin (3mm × 4mm) DFN packages


  • Automotive ECU/CAN transceiver supplies
  • Industrial housekeeping supplies
  • Low power 12V to 5V conversion

Typical Application

Application Circuit Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. LTC3245 Inductorless Charge Pump DC/DC Converters
Publicado: 2017-04-28 | Atualizado: 2022-03-11