Analog Devices Inc. ADT7312 Digital SPI Temperature Sensor

Analog Devices ADT7312 Digital SPI Temperature Sensor is designed as a ±1°C accurate digital temperature sensor operating in the −55°C to +175°C temperature range. ADT7312 includes an internal bandgap reference, a temperature sensor, and a 16-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) to monitor and digitize the temperature to a resolution of 0.0078°C. The sensor has a default ADC resolution of 13 bits (0.0625°C). Designers can change the ADC resolution to 16 bits (0.0078°C) using the serial interface. 

The ADT7312 sensor is guaranteed to operate over supply voltages of 2.7V to 5.5V. At 3.6V operation, the average supply current is typically 245μA. The shutdown mode has a typical shutdown current of 2.5μA at 3.6V. Qualified for automotive applications, the ADT7312 Digital SPI Temperature Sensor is ideal for high-temperature monitoring and thermal protection.


  • Qualified for automotive applications
  • High performance
  • Temperature accuracy:
  • ±1°C from −55°C to +175°C (2.7V to 3.3)
  • 16-bit temperature resolution: 0.0078°C
  • Fast first temperature conversion on power-up of 6ms
  • Easy implementation
  • No temperature calibration or correction required
  • No linearity correction required
  • Low power
  • Power-saving 1 sample per second (SPS) mode
  • 880μW typical at 3.6V in normal mode
  • 9μW typical at 3.6V in shutdown mode
  • Wide operating ranges
  • Temperature range: −55°C to +175°C
  • Voltage range: 2.7V to 5.5V
  • Programmable interrupts
  • Critical over-temperature interrupt
  • Over-temperature/under-temperature interrupt
  • SPI-compatible interface
  • Available in die form only


  • Automotive
  • High-temperature monitoring
  • High-temperature thermal protection
Publicado: 2016-12-16 | Atualizado: 2022-03-11