Analog Devices Inc. ADRF502x Silicon SPDT Switches

Analog Devices Inc. ADRF502x Silicon SPDT Switches are general-purpose SPDT switches that offer high isolation and a low insertion loss. Constructed using a non-reflective 50Ω design, the switches provide high linearity. The switches exhibit high power capabilities on both through and terminated paths. These broadband switches from Analog Devices require +3.3V and -2.5V (ADRF5020/21/24/25), or +3.3V and -3.3V (ADRF5026/27) dual supply voltages. They provide CMOS/LVTT logic-compatible control and are ideal for test instrumentation, VSATs, ECMs, and broadband telecommunications systems.


  • Ultrawideband Frequency Range
    • 100MHz to 30GHz (ADRF5020)
    • 9kHz to 30GHz (ADRF5021)
    • 100MHz to 44GHz (ADRF5024)
    • 9kHz to 44GHz (ADRF5025)
    • 100MHz to 44GHz (ADRF5026)
    • 9kHz to 44GHz (ADRF5027)
  • Nonreflective 50Ω design
  • Low insertion loss
  • High isolation
  • High input linearity
  • High power handling
  • 3mm x 3mm LGA20 package


  • Test instrumentation
  • Microwave radios and very small aperture terminals (VSATs)
  • Military radios, radars, electronic counter measures (ECMs)
  • Broadband telecommunications systems
  • Industrial scanners
  • Cellular infrastructure: 5G mmWave

Block Diagrams

Publicado: 2017-06-30 | Atualizado: 2023-02-22