Analog Devices Inc. ADA489x Rail-to-Rail Output Amplifiers

Analog Devices Inc. ADA489x Rail-to-Rail Output Amplifiers are unity-gain stable, 1nV/√Hz high-speed, low-noise voltage feedback amplifiers with a quiescent current of 3mA. Developed using Analog Devices’ proprietary next-generation SiGe bipolar process and innovative architecture, the ADA489x Amplifiers provide high-performance operation.

Capable of operating from a wide supply voltage range of 3V to 10V, the ADA489x Amplifiers offer a 230MHz bandwidth, 120V/μs slew rate, and settle to 0.1% in 45ns. With a 1/f noise of 2.4nV/√Hz at 10Hz and a spurious-free dynamic range of −80dBc at 2MHz, the ADA489x Amplifiers are ideal for a variety of applications that require precision, a high dynamic range, low power, and high speed. These applications include but are not limited to ultrasound, low-noise preamplifiers, and drivers of high-performance ADCs.


  • Low wideband noise
    • 1nV/√Hz
    • 2.8pA/√Hz
  • 2.4nV/√Hz at 10Hz Low 1/f noise
  • −115dBc at 100kHz, VOUT = 2V p-p Low distortion
  • 3mA per amplifier low power
  • 0.5mV maximum low input offset voltage
  • High speed
    • 230MHz (G = +1) −3dB bandwidth
    • 120V/μs Slew rate 
    • 45ns Settling time to 0.1%
  • Rail-to-rail output
  • 3V to 10V Wide supply range
  • Disable feature (ADA4897-1 / ADA4897-2)


  • Low noise preamplifier
  • Ultrasound amplifiers
  • PLL loop filters
  • High-performance ADC drivers
  • DAC buffers

Functional Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. ADA489x Rail-to-Rail Output Amplifiers
Publicado: 2013-05-28 | Atualizado: 2022-03-11