ams OSRAM BELICE-850 Dot-Pattern Infrared Illuminators

ams OSRAM BELICE-850 Dot-Pattern Infrared Illuminators are intended for 3D stereoscopic imaging to produce a very high-contrast dot pattern that stereo-matching algorithms can use to mitigate the lack of texture and create high-accuracy depth maps. The infrared pattern's presence reduces the computational load imposed by the software, as it provides many features to facilitate the matching of the left and right images.

The APDE-00 features an emitter type A with 5° pattern rotation/SMT contacted. The APDB-00 offers an emitter type B with 15° pattern rotation/SMT contacted.

BELICE enables active stereoscopic imaging to be implemented on various platforms, from robotics to mobile devices.


  • 3.4mm x 3.5mm x 3.56mm Small package size
  • 3.56mm ± 0.1 Module height compatible with integration in mobile platforms
  • High optical efficiency, high VCSEL efficiency
  • Standard lead-free solder reflow compatible for easy component mounting
  • High contrast dot pattern optimized for active stereo vision


  • Active stereo 3D sensors
  • Integrated mobile 3D sensors
  • Integrated tablets and all-in-one 3D sensors
  • Front-facing and world-facing 3D cameras

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - ams OSRAM BELICE-850 Dot-Pattern Infrared Illuminators


Publicado: 2021-08-04 | Atualizado: 2023-04-19