ams OSRAM AS8579 Sensor Interface

ams OSRAM AS8579 Sensor Interface detects the capacity change in different applications and measures the relative change of the impedance, dependent on the circuit. The sensor is used for human being detection and many other applications. The IC capture the current of a metal object and applies algorithms to determine the capacitive and resistive information (impedance). This information can be read via an SPI interface that can also be used for IC configuration.


  • Accurate capacitive measurement (including resistive information)
  • I/Q-signal demodulation
  • Higher durability and lower system costs
  • VAR&FIX_SEN function to avoid parasitic influences from cable and PCB
  • Enabler for safety-critical applications
  • Processed according to functional safety standard
  • Suitable for automotive applications
  • AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified


  • Autonomous driving applications, e.g. hands-on-steering-wheel detection
  • Detection of any human presence inside a vehicle, e.g. seat occupancy detection
  • Detection of any human presence exterior of vehicles, e.g. automatic trunk opener (trunk opens automatically by detection of human foot near the sensor only)

Block Diagram

ams OSRAM AS8579 Sensor Interface


Publicado: 2020-06-03 | Atualizado: 2023-09-05