Amphenol Industrial RADSOK® SurLok™ Compression Lugs

Amphenol Industrial SurLok™ Compression Lugs are field-crimpable contact assemblies featuring Amphenol RADSOK® technology. This series offers a field-installable, highly reliable alternative to common compression lugs. An industry-standard U-indent/clamshell or 4-indenter crimp tool terminates the wire, eliminating the need for special torque tools. The pin head locks into place once mated to the RADSOK connector. The plastic housing is offered for all sizes and snaps over the connector to act as a protective cover. This secure connection ensures voltage and amperage levels are maintained. Amphenol Industrial SurLok Compression Lugs are ideal for any application that uses high current, frequently plugged and unplugged cables, or a plug-and-play setup.


  • High current rating, high ampacity in a smaller package
  • High reliability, meets or exceeds the electrical performance of bolt-on compression lugs
  • High cycle durability
  • Low insertion force
  • Easy field install, crimp with standard color-coded dies (U-die and 4-indenter), no torque wrenches required
  • Integral locking feature plus locking cap
  • RoHS compliant


  • Printed circuit boards
  • Telecommunications
  • Oil and drilling rigs
  • Heavy equipment
  • Process controls
  • Rail/mass transit
  • Medical devices
Publicado: 2018-07-27 | Atualizado: 2022-09-12