Amphenol Audio MP-41 Connectors & Chassis Mounts

Amphenol Audio MP-41 Connectors and Chassis Mounts can withstand high shock and vibration environments and are ideal for tough on-road applications. This IP67 rated connector solution features quick mating bayonet coupling with an audible full mating feature that ensures a positive connection every time. MP-41 series connectors and chassis mounts are industry standard compatible, lasting 2000 mating cycles while featuring 4 to 48 channels, synthetic inserts, and metal housings. Amphenol Audio MP-41 connectors and chassis mounts offer 13 to 85 pins with crimp/solder bucket contacts (150 pins with crimp contacts only). Protective dust caps are available for this series.


  • Audio cables and snakes
  • Lighting control
  • Concert touring systems
  • Outside broadcast systems


  • 13 to 85 pins with Crimp/Solder bucket contacts
    • 150 pins with Crimp contacts only
  • Industry-standard compatible
  • 2000 mating cycles
  • 4 to 48 channels
  • Positive bayonet locking
  • Gold plated contacts
  • PG cable glands
  • Synthetic insert
  • IP67 rated
  • Metal housings

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Chart - Amphenol Audio MP-41 Connectors & Chassis Mounts

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Chart - Amphenol Audio MP-41 Connectors & Chassis Mounts
Publicado: 2008-02-21 | Atualizado: 2022-10-03