Amphenol Aerospace Hermetic Circular Connectors

Amphenol Aerospace Hermetic Circular Connectors maintain system integrity in applications where reliability and performance are critical, such as gas-tight barriers or areas with high-pressure differentials. A wide range of materials and manufacturing capabilities are used to provide consumer and MIL-Spec products for glass-to-metal seals and lightweight epoxy backfilled solutions. The epoxy-sealed connectors are a lightweight alternative to glass-sealed hermetic connectors for use in avionics and other weight-sensitive applications where a high level of sealing is required. Epoxy-sealed connectors are an optimal solution when increasingly stringent sealing requirements must be met.


  • Same epoxy as used in EMI filter connectors
  • Less than 1x 10-5cc of He/sec leak rate
  • Maintained after temperature cycling, 5 cycles at -55°C to +125°C
  • Aluminum shells with electroless nickel-plating (standard), also available with durmalon, O.D. cadmium, or steel finishes
  • Accessory threads sized for standard backshells
  • Intermateable and inter-mountable with standard 38999 series III plugs
  • Consumer and MIL-Spec components available
  • MIL-Spec
    • Leakage rate of 1x 10-7cc of He/sec or less
    • Fused glass insert in a steel shell
    • High volume manufacturing options


  • Military
  • Aerospace

Hermetic Capabilities

Amphenol Aerospace Hermetic Circular Connectors


Publicado: 2020-12-16 | Atualizado: 2023-04-26