Adafruit RGB Matrix FeatherWing Kit for nRF52840 Feathers

Adafruit RGB Matrix FeatherWing Kit for nRF52840 Feathers is designed to easily create projects that feature 16 and 32-pixel tall matrix boards. This FeatherWing is only tested and designed to work with the nRF52840 feathers. The RGB FeatherWing kit works great with 16x32, 32x32, and 64x32 RGB matrices. The onboard regulator offers 3.3V power to the Feather that provides a compact build by removing the need for a separate USB battery. The kit features one FeatherWing PCB, a 2x8 IDC header, a 2x10 female socket, a 2.1mm DC jack, a 5.08mm terminal block, and a male header.


  • Designed to work with the nRF52840 Feathers
  • 3.3V onboard regulator

Kit Contents

  • 1x FeatherWing PCB with surface mount parts attached
  • 1x 2x8 IDC header
  • 1x 2x10 female socket
  • 1x 2.1mm DC jack
  • 1x 5.08mm terminal block
  • A male header


Publicado: 2020-11-23 | Atualizado: 2020-12-11