Adafruit MPU-6050 6-DoF Accelerometer & Gyroscope Sensor

Adafruit MPU-6050 6-DoF Accelerometer and Gyroscope Sensor is a triple-axis accelerometer and gyroscope combination. Inside the breakout is two sensors, one is a 3-axis accelerometer, which can tell the user which direction is down towards the Earth (by measuring gravity). The other sensor is a gyroscope that can sense how fast the board is being twisted around. By combining this data, the user can tell how the project is moving through space. This breakout is based on the popular MPU-6050 sensor. This compact sensor uses I2C to communicate and is very easy to use.

The user can download the Adafruit library and connect the SCL pin to a I2C clock pin and SDA pin to a I2C data pin. The user then uploads the test program to read out accelerometer and gyroscope data. This device can easily be used with 3.3V (Feather/Raspberry Pi) or 5V (Arduino/Metro328) logic levels. Since the board uses I2C, the user can easily connect it up with two wires. A SparkFun qwiic compatible STEMMA QT connector for the I2C bus is included, so the user doesn't have to solder. The user can just wire up to their favorite microcontroller. They can then use the CircuitPython/Python or Arduino drivers to easily interface with the MPU-6050 and easily get motion measurements.

Publicado: 2020-01-24 | Atualizado: 2022-03-10