Adafruit Metro M4 Express AirLift Lite ESP32 Coprocessor

Adafruit Metro M4 Express AirLift Lite ESP32 Coprocessor adds wireless capabilities to the Metro M4 development board. With pre-loaded root certificates, the certified Wi-Fi® module can handle Transport Layer Security and socket needs. The device is powered by the Microchip ATSAMD51 and a Cortex M4 core processor running at 120MHz. The Airlift can power the Metro M4 with 7V to 9V polarity-protected direct current or a micro-USB connector to any 5V USB source. The Airlift can also load CircuitPython or Arduino IDE libraries for use in wireless integration and in building Internet of Things (IoT) projects.


  • Cortex M4 core running at 120MHz
  • Floating point support with Cortex M4 DSP instructions
  • 512KB flash, 192KB RAM
  • 32-bit, 3.3V logic, and power
  • Dual 1 MSPS DAC (A0 and A1)
  • Dual 1 MSPS ADC (8 analog pins)
  • 6x hardware SERCOM (I2C, SPI, or UART)
  • 22x PWM outputs
  • Stereo I2S input/output with MCK pin
  • 10-bit parallel capture controller (for camera/video in)
  • Built-in crypto engines with AES (256 bit), true RNG, and Pubkey controller
  • 64-quad-flat no-leads (QFN) package
  • 2.1mm DC jack
  • 25x GPIO pins
  • Built-in USB support
  • AirLift WiFi Co-processor
  • 4x indicator LEDs and one NeoPixel
  • 2MB QSPI Flash
  • Comes pre-loaded with the UF2 bootloader
  • 72.0mm x 54.0mm x 15.0mm in dimension


Publicado: 2019-05-23 | Atualizado: 2023-05-25