3M CC-Link Connectors & Cables

3M's CC-Link Connectors and Cables were designed to meet the requirements of the CC-Link standard and to enable T-Tab terminations as well as mid-cable terminations. The CC-Link Connectors' hermaphroditic design reduces the number of components required to interconnect and the well-approved IDC termination process enables easy field termination and reduces labor cost relative to traditional interconnect alternatives. In combination with Power Clamp or Mini-Clamp products, a wire reduction of up to 70% can be achieved. The 3M CC-Link Connectors and Cables are suitable for conductor sizes of 18 and 20AWG of discrete wires or flat ribbon cables.


  • Designed for CC-Link/LT industrial automation field networks
  • Conforms to CC-Link/LT
  • Hermaphroditic four-point contact mating structures reduces the number of different components required to interconnect and ensures a reliable interconnect
  • Easy, labor saving, and reliable IDC termination
  • T-Tap termination enable mid-cable terminations without special preparation or handling of the cable or wires in order to interconnect fieldbus and power lines at any point
  • Easy field termination with no special wire preparation – no stripping, tinning, or special tooling
  • Can terminate with a common pair of pliers
  • Latching mechanism maintains a reliable interconnection in demanding field applications


  • 5A maximum current carrying capability per contact
  • 160V voltage rating
  • 1000VACrms at sea level withstanding voltage
  • -20°C to +70°C temperature rating
  • +65°C UL temperature rating
  • Design accepts multiple wire diameters of 1.1mm to 2.54mm, conductor sizes of 18AWG to 22AWG


  • Factory Automation
    • Computer numeric controllers
    • Programmable logic devices
Publicado: 2010-06-23 | Atualizado: 2022-03-11